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Welcome to our website. Here you will find all the projects that GPR has developed and those in which it has participated over the last years.



Whether developing our own project or participating as investors, in GRP we carefully select projects such as the ones shown below. We oversee each project in terms of investment yield, marketing, organization, and customer service to guarantee their success.


The Premier Disruptive Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Mining Conference in the US


Mad is a nightclub located in Wynwood, which brings together the best atmosphere and cocktails in Miami.


Jaula is a tv show that offers entrepreneurs the necessary investment to expand their business


Bitmining Market is the first physical store dedicated to bitcoin mining.


Mining Season crypto mining company specialized in selling mining equipment.

About GRP

GRP’s mission aims at adding value to each project to ensure success, not only through capital but also through experience and knowledge.

Our main areas of expertise include the hospitality industry, crypto mining and cryptocurrencies, media production, and marketing.


Our experience, the fruit of years of work, has taught us that professionalism is our main ally when doing business.


Today we are creating tomorrow’s projects. We always try to step out of our comfort zone to pursue continuous innovation.


Our interdisciplinary team of professionals with experience in different areas enables us to meet our goals in several sectors.


With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, GRP specializes in projects related to cryptocurrency mining and digital assets.

Gabriel Rodriguez Parisi


Gabriel Rodriguez is a successful miner and entrepreneur with 5 years of experience in the crypto space. 

He’s the co-founder of Mining Disrupt, the World’s largest Crypto Mining Conference and founder of Mining Season through which he’s sold thousands of miners to the South American Market and consulted for different mining operations. In early 2018, Gabriel also created Bitmining Market, which at the moment was the first worldwide brick and mortar crypto mining store located in Miami, Fl. 

From there, he built a solid reputation and helped develop the local crypto community by providing a space for people to present their projects and to network with one another. As a miner, Gabriel started small, putting together his own gpu mining rigs and learning the ropes to later focusing on ASIC´s hardware. A few years later, after lots of hard work and making great relationships, he currently owns and runs 4 different facilities in South America of a total of 12MW (Mostly self mining) with an expected 2x growth in the next 12 months.

His background experience, before joining the crypto space, comes from a mix of creating and developing different businesses like a marketing agency, call center, night club and retail stores along with a long career as an artist (singer/songwriter/actor) were he had 5 number 1 singles in his home country, 1 number one Latin Billboard chart in the USA and participated in over 10 television series in 3 different countries. The moment Gabriel learned about Bitcoin and all the great future opportunities that could develop from it, he stopped everything else and focused 100% in the crypto space. 

His instinct was right and there is no looking back. His new and most exciting project to date is the Greenfield Domes project in Quebec. A very innovative, 100% green mining facility that promises to be the stepping stone for a series of new and bigger projects in the North American region.

Mining Disrupt Conference


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